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Increasing and retaining profitable assets under management is difficult. We provide solutions.
Remaining relevant is a challenge for every investment manager. We ease the burden and provide guidance.
Infrastructure needs are addressable. We can deliver a team to assist with solutions implementation.
Our principals have "360 degrees" of experience. We leverage that to identify “blind spots” and provide direction.

360 Degrees of Experience

Business solutions for the institutional investment management community

Operational distractions affect investment performance.  We are a boutique consulting firm that focuses solely on the institutional investment management community, exclusively serving the leadership of traditional and non-traditional investment management organizations.

Any organization that has fiduciary responsibility for the investment performance of financial or other assets is an investment manager

We help our clients improve operations, while reducing enterprise risk and removing investment process distractions.  Our ValuesMission, Vision and Edge support our presumptive beliefs and our process improves investment performance.

Our clients meet and exceed their strategic goals and objectives by implementing our sound advice while leveraging our tactical support

Generally we offer a structured, methodical approach to assisting our clients, yet can be flexible, if necessary, to address immediate areas of concern, or "hot spots." Our structured approach starts with an introduction to the NexTier Capital Pathfinder Process: Pursuit of Excellence™.  We use diagnostic tools to assess the impediments to maximizing enterprise value.  In the past, we have developed constructive working relationships with our clients because our commitment to our Values goes well beyond assisting them with their immediate needs.  We provide implementable, strategic and tactical advice using sound methodologies to prepare our clients to meet the marketplace demands, ensuring that each client offering meets the highest standards in quality and transparency.

Our process includes an enterprise risk assessment which identifies distractions to the investment process which can effect performance

We offer our clients various solutions, yet we always recommend starting with an enterprise risk assessment, to determine the state of the firm.  Nevertheless if  a "hot spot" is known, with a high degree of certainty, we can focus on other solutions including, but not limited to, the following: business development, compliance, corporate finance, executive outsourcing, human resources, marketing and communicationsstrategic planning, succession planning and technology planning.  Our client benefits include but are not limited to the following: enhanced investment performance, increased assets under management, higher revenues and greater profitability.

Talented senior professionals staff every engagement

On average, our team possesses approximately 27 years of business experience and 19 years of investment management experience.  Importantly, our business model encompasses recruiting and maintaining a deep bench of talented, senior professionals to work on each client engagement.  These individuals are proven, independent contractors who are committed to work for NexTier Capital on its client engagements.



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